Guided Tour-History and Pirates at Castelldefels
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Guided Tour-History and Pirates at Castelldefels

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2 hours


Catalan, Spanish, English


Guided tour and entrance to Castelldefels Castle

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Adapted visit




  • Discover the secrets of the history and heritage of Castelldefels.
  • A journey through farmhouses, towers and other remains culminating in a visit to the Castelldefels Castle.
  • Interactive experience about Piracy in Catalonia.


Did you know that Castelldefels was the object of attacks by Barbary pirates in the past? And that its castle was used as a prison during the Civil War? These are just some of the fascinating stories and secrets you will discover on this complete route through the historical heritage of Castelldefels. This tour will take you through farmhouses, towers and other remains that hold the past of this charming locality. You will start the journey with a visit to an old farmhouse, where you can learn its stories and anecdotes related to the medieval times. You will discover how these rural buildings were vital for the economy and daily life of the area. Then, you will head towards a defense tower, built to protect the territory from pirate attacks. There you will learn about the confrontations between the local inhabitants and the Barbary pirates, and how this threat marked the history of Castelldefels. But the highlight of the route is, without a doubt, the visit to the Castelldefels Castle. This imposing fortification, which today houses a cultural center, will transport you through time to the era of piracy in Catalonia.

Through a unique interactive experience, you will discover how the pirates affected the region and what were the defense strategies used to face this threat. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the historical past of Castelldefels and its fascinating stories.

This route will allow you to connect with the local heritage and better understand how history has influenced the development of the current city. Come and be surprised by these hidden secrets waiting to be discovered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the visit adapted for people with reduced mobility?
Yes, the visit is adapted for people with reduced mobility.
2. What is the duration of the visit?
The duration of the visit is 2 hours.
3. How can I book the visit?
You can book the visit through our online booking system. We recommend booking in advance to ensure your spot.

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